Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense 

Alec P.

Alec P. training jiu-jitsu
I love training at Bartman MMA. The self defense techniques are very practical. The BJJ training is detailed. There is a good balance between learning moves and sparring. The team here is very supportive of each other. I would highly recommend Bartman MMA for anyone (beginners through experienced martial artists) who is interested in learning practical self defense, real BJJ, or MMA fighting skills.


Kevin W.

Kevin's Photo for Testimonial Page
If you are looking for some excitement and confidence in your life, then come down and train with us at Bartman MMA. The methodology and consistency of Greg's curriculum keeps us all coming back for more! Greg teaches Relson Gracie techniques in a fun and positive way, but most importantly he teaches us exactly what we need to do in a bad situation. It is truly an honor to learn from the family that introduced Jiu Jitsu to the US.

Gail P.

Gail training hard!
Terrific Experience and Training: Greg is a highly skilled sensei who works with you until you get the techniques right, which means that you are learning more effectively than in some other martial arts schools where they want to show you a lot of techniques, but never in depth. In both classes and private training, he has a clear plan for skill development. He pushes you in very positive ways. A big bonus: he is also a fabulous personal trainer - ask him about options for this too - it will improve your martial arts!

Tori G.

Tori and Relson after training
Greg's teaching style is focused on the technical details for the moves at a low speed, so as you improve and your body learns, you can do them with accuracy at a higher speed. He is able to break down the moves in such a way that someone, such as myself, who is challenged by knowing which way is right or left is able to understand. The techniques build on the same concepts and basic principles, so when you come back to a move you haven't practiced in awhile it comes back to you more easily and more quickly the second time around.

Physical fitness is not the only change I've noticed since I took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense training. My self-confidence and self-reliance has increased in a way thats hard to describe. You learn to deal with different emotions when you get trapped in a bad spot or make a mistake, and you learn to manage your breathing and relax to reserve your energy and strength. As a woman, wrestling is not something you grow up doing with your friends in the backyard or the basement. I had to get over apologizing for putting my weight on someone and being too nice. As one of my teammates says, there is no gender on the mat, just sparring partners.

I get asked, “Have you had to use what you’ve learned in your training Yes, every day, every day I use what I’ve learned in self-defense - in defense of self.

Hope to see you on the Mat soon!

Tim C.

I have been training with Bartman MMA for over a month now. As someone with no experience in Jiu-Jitsu I found Bartman MMA to be well organized and dedicated to executing correct and proper technique. Bartman MMA has a great ratio of learning to sparring. I would highly recommend anybody who wants to train in MMA to check out Bartman MMA. The best standout of Bartman MMA is the support and mentoring of the other people in the class everyone their makes you feel like you are part of a team.

Bill on promotion night at Bartman MMA and Self-Defense, a Relson Gracie Association near Washington DC
Bill L.

For many of us 65 is the beginning of a long physical decline. For me Brazilian jujitsu has been a life saver. It allows me to compete physically with those decades younger. It allows me to be involved in high intensity exercise that is low intensity to my knees. It has a strong aerobic quality. I have seen my physical exertion, weight, and chronic problems such as diabetes and hypertension improve. The only shame is that jiu-jitsu is only beginning to be appreciated by the general public.

Jack and Mike training under Relson Gracie Blackbelt Greg Bartman at the Bethesda location of Bartman MMA and Self-defense
Jack L.

I have found both Tori and you [Greg] to be very patient and supportive of someone older such as myself. That encouragement makes me eager to learn more and not count myself out as being too old or lacking flexibility. Also, the way you break down the moves into small details in a sequence makes it easier to learn and recall the moves. The key for me is that you have made this form of exercise and physical training fun so I look forward to learning new techniques and always come out of a training session happier and more energetic than when I came to the training session. Also, I have developed a whole new set of friends. It’s all good." 

KickAss Women's Self-Defense Class

Jackie W.

Being able to protect myself is important to me and so I am really happy to have found this class! I feel much more confident now when I’m walking alone. Greg is a fantastic instructor with a real gift for teaching. His understanding of body mechanics is impressive and his relaxed approach makes learning the moves much less intimidating than other classes I’ve tried. Tori is a wonderful instructor with a great sense of humor—I had no idea learning self defense could be so much fun! Seeing a woman who is so skilled at these self defense techniques helps me feel like I can learn them too. Greg and Tori are always willing to take an extra minute to make sure we get the moves right. My experience in the Kickass Women’s class has been so positive I signed up for some of Greg’s other classes.

Masha training in the Gi with Bartman MMA and Self-defense in the Adults Jiu-Jitsu Class

Masha R.

Check out Masha's full review on Yelp! - http://www.yelp.com/biz/bartman-mma-silver-spring

"I have been going to Bartman MMA since November 2011, and have loved every minute of it.  . . . ."

Kids' Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts

Kid's Class learning bully self-defense and jiu-jitsu techniques
Alec P.

My daughter has been attending the kids class on Saturday for two years and she loves it.  As a father, it also gives me some piece of mind that while she is having fun and gaining confidence she also is learning how to defend herself mentally and physically

Kevin W.

" . . My son is in the kids class and absolutely loves it." - Check out Kevin's review on Yelp!

Thai Kickboxing & MMA Training 

Jack and  Mike L.

Mike and I are very happy with the classes. It’s a good father-son bonding experience for us. I know Mike is very interested in the mixed martial arts and kickboxing as he is getting a degree in kinesiology at U of MD – College Park.

Christian C., Corrections Officer :

"Sheila and I often talk about the great instruction and the fun we have in your class."

Self-Defense Workshops

Meghan, an attendee from our July 20th, 2013 1.5 hr women's self-defense workshop.

"To be honest, this was better, more relevant and more in context than the self-defense course I took in college - that was an entire semester long" 

Engelien Z.

What I enjoyed most about the workshop was the hands on approach focusing on real situations. It was very empowering and gave the girls real skills!

Nina S.

I enjoyed practicing the moves. Everything was awesome! and the teachers are very good!

Adriane V.

I enjoyed  learning how to defend myself by using my own body. I loved it! Thanks for all the tips!

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