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About Kickboxing

About Thai Kickboxing

Thai Kickboxing is a great workout. It develops strong, lean muscles and fast reflexes. Its emphasis on whole body coordination and conditioning makes it great cross-training for other sports as well.

Get in great shape and learn proper Thai Kickboxing form with us!

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No experience necessary. Both genders. Ages teen to adult. Equipment and gloves provided.

Learn the fundamentals of Thai Kickboxing with Coach Greg Bartman!

This exciting program combines valid street-defense techniques with an incredible workout. Our kickboxing style is a practical hybrid of Muay Thai and Western boxing. We will safely cover the details of stances, movement, defenses, punches, elbow and knee strikes, kicks, and practical combinations.

This class will increase your balance, coordination, stamina, overall fitness, and confidence. Classes will consist of warm-ups, technical instruction, movement exercises, shadowboxing, striking target shields & focus mitts, punches and kicks on the heavy bags, controlled partner drills, and cool-down stretching. All kicks are low or mid-level and do not require unusual flexibility.

The Intermediate level members continue the instruction and training of Street-Defense Style Thai Kickboxing with a dynamic and intense workout. They'll learn intermediate combinations for defense and counter-attack, and improve their fluid movement between position and technique. 

Handwraps and gear available for purchase. Handwraps: $6;
Mouthguards with cases (precautionary use during Intermediate class pad drills): $6. Personal boxing gloves may also be purchased.

Come see why this program has received EXCELLENT Reviews.  

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