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Thai Kickboxing

In-person classes temporarily paused. Online Classes are going!

About Thai Kickboxing

Learn the most effective striking techniques for self-defense and sport with Coach Greg Bartman! This exciting program combines valid street-defense techniques with an incredible workout. The training regimen is a practical hybrid of the best striking arts, including Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Bando, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Koon Do, and Karate. We safely cover the details of stances, movement, defenses, punches, elbow and knee strikes, kicks, and practical combinations. We incorporate all of the best proven striking methods. Sport aspects are also covered.

This class will increase your strength, balance, coordination, stamina, overall fitness, and confidence. Classes consist of warm-ups, technical instruction, movement exercises, shadowboxing, striking target shields & focus mitts, punches and kicks on the heavy bags, partner drills, sparring for experienced students, and cool-down stretching. The class does not require unusual flexibility or a high level of fitness to begin.

All training is conducted in a safe environment designed to maximize the experience for all levels of students while greatly reducing any chance of injury.

No experience necessary. Both genders. Ages teen to adult. Equipment and gloves available for purchase.

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Phone: 202-203-9013 



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Class Times

Classes are available for Adults, Teens and Kids.Please see Schedule and Membership for the schedule, location and membership information.


Classes are at our Glenmont/Silver Spring, MD location.

Glenmont/Silver Spring:

Front of Glenmont/Silver Spring location in Glenmont Shopping Center, near Glenmont Red Line Station

12357 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

We are in a shared studio with a new sign above the door that says "Dragon Martial Arts."

Next to the intersection of Randolph Rd and Georgia Ave, in the Glenmont Shopping Center with Staples and CVS.

Walking distance from Glenmont Metro!

Easily accessible from Rockville, Wheaton, Bethesda, and Olney, Maryland.

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Class Forming: Contact us to reserve your spot!

Rockledge Fitness Center

*(Fitness Center Membership not required)

The Rockledge Fitness Center is located in an office building. There is visitor parking behind the building. Take the elevators to reach the gym. Gym membership is not required. 

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Sparring in MMA Boxing Striking Class

Elbow strikes drill in MMA Fight Training Class at BartmanMMA

Punch blocks with gloves in MMA Fight Training Class at BartmanMMA

MMA Fight Training Class Sparring with gloves and head gear

David after winning his cage match in 72 seconds.